One User’s Experience with Ted’s Woodworking

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Peter went on the Internet looking for some woodworking plans, hoping to find a birthday present for his brother. He stumbled upon He was amazed at the products available on the Teds Woodworking website. Teds Woodworking has over 15,000 projects and woodworking plans. He signed on, and saved so much money – it was unbelievable. He wanted to build an outdoor set, but never really knew how to do this, or could never really follow the plans. So, he was able to do that from Ted’s Woodworking. Peter got all the blueprints, the plans, the materials list, full color pictures, easy to follow, everything was detailed, and understandable to him, especially since he’s a visual guy. He has a hard time with written instructions.  Also, he signed up for Ted’s free bonuses, which includes a CAD plan viewer, and using this, he can design his own furniture, on his own computer. It was so inexpensive for all this, and overall an unbelievable price for the set. Also included were 150 woodworking videos, so he now has a guided instruction set for 150 different pieces of furniture to build. He’s very happy to have found online. Once you see everything on the site, you’ll either buy this package for yourself, or as a gift for a family member or a friend.

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One User’s Experience with Ted’s Woodworking — 1 Comment

  1. I usually just google search and pick out free plans from the internet, but a lot of those are incomplete, and in the worst cases inaccurate! I have a feeling it would take the rest of my life (or at least a long time) to work through all 1500 plans, so I think it’s worth signing up.

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